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Usability and Content

The two most important characteristics of any web site are its usability and content. Creative Design Weavers will build you a site that is compatible with the widest possible range of current Internet technologies. We won't suggest unnecessary graphics and animations that add to your cost and may make it difficult for some customers to access your site. We will work closely with you to build a site that is engaging and usable by as many potential customers as possible. CDW is committed to building sites that are accessible to all people, including those who use various assistive technologies to access the World Wide Web.

  • Cascading Style Sheets -- The latest standard in web site design is widely supported by most current browsers. In combination with a custom template, a CSS site is easy to update and renders your pages more efficiently.

  • Interactivity -- Through our association with local designers and web developers, CDW can build a dynamic, interactive site that meets your individual needs.

If you need assistance with preparing your content, we can help! With more than 20 years combined experience in catalog and internet sales, news writing and media relations, we understand the needs of small business and non-profits. We can help you develop interesting content that will attract search engine traffic, reinforce your brand, and blend seamlessly with your existing marketing program.


Get Started !

-- print these pdf worksheets, fill out as completely as possible, and mail to: Creative Design Weavers @
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Website Planning Worksheets

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# 2 - technical
# 3 - content




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